Serving you with Educational, Practical Self-care Workshops, Classes and Private Sessions for Everybody.

You come away with Self-care knowledge and tools you can do at home, at work, just about anywhere.

Pain doesn't  have to sideline you or make your days and nights 


Much of our pain comes from muscles out of balance. Many chronic muscle issues can be restored back to functioning, healthy tissues. You just need to KNEAD them, correct them and they feel better, work better, and serve you better. 

I help you find:

  • Your body blind spots and tigger points.

  • Areas of tightness  and weakness. 

Correct them while increasing:

  • Circulation

  • Strength

  • Range of motion

  • Hydration

  • Body Proprioception

  • Mobility

Therapy balls are self-care tools you use to help soothe tight muscles and painful trigger points.

Their grippy surface massage away tension and with corrective exercises and stretches help you feel better in your own body!


Wendy Hensley  503-741-6656

Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor

 The Roll Model® Practitioner

Ki Hara® Resistance Stretch Personal Trainer

Contact: 503-741-6656