Athletic Performance
 Lymphatic Immune Health 
Stress Management
You come away with Self-care knowledge and tools you can do at home, at work, just about anywhere.
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Offering Online Workshops and Classes during the pandemic
Our repetitive motions at work or play often cause pain and injuries form overuse, underuse, abuse and misuse of our bodies.  Tight, painful hips, backs, shoulders, hands and feet need help to feel better and work better, and I can help with that.
Astoria Middle School Staff

"Thank you. It makes me feel healthier".

"Very well presented and organized!"


"The 2 1/2 hours flew by! The workshop was a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning".

    "It was nice to focus on the whole body and learn strategies and techniques that helps with the stress and soreness of muscles".


Absolutely Perfect!

DHS Staff

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